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Alpaca Extravaganza in the Colorado Springs' Newspaper!

Gazette Telegraph Picture
The Gazette Telegraph visited with us and fellow farms at the 6th Annual Alpaca Extravaganza hosted by the Southeastern Colorado Alpaca Breeders in Black Forest, CO the weekend before Thanksgiving. Among a handful of other farms this event promotes alpacas and their fiber in handmade and commercial products. Filled with warmth, holiday music, and a relaxed atmosphere, the event was fun for both the farm vendors and the visitors... We talked to so many nice people, amazed and taught the surprised bystanders how to spin with a drop spindle and card on a drum carder, and sold lots of yarn, fiber, and luxurious alpaca products.

See the local community's newspaper article: Alpaca Extravaganza Features Fluffy Critters, by Kristina Iodice