Autumn Sun Alpacas at Autumn Sun Acres

Integrity & Quality - Keys to Our Success!

Champion Genetics, Great prices!

** As our sons have been leaving home to start their endeavors, our family farm needs to downsize. We are having a HERD REDUCTION SALE that cleaves directly from our breeding stock not from culls. With chores and hay costs, we are motivated and it shows in our remarkably low sales prices! **

** We are making available fantastic opportunities in bred maiden and proven dams as well as junior and proven herdsires across colors and often with show winning records and/or champion pedigrees. PACKAGE discounts available!! **

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We developed the caliber of our herd to proudly compete at a national level. Our halter and fleece winning alpacas demonstrate excellence in a breeding program that promotes color, fineness, and quality genetics in color! Most of our herdsires have competed and won champion titles and top placements to be in service in our program. Many of our foundation dams are award-winning as well, for a robust and well-stacked pedigree.

We love raising alpacas, having built up our "by our bootstraps" rather than simply buying into it with other farms' show-winners. Our personal knowledge, fostered by family-farm values and the experience of trials & triumphs, shows in every sale and care of each animal. We raised our children at the shows, and we are still directly caring for and managing our entire herd from birth through training/showing, shearing/caring, and retirement/ passing (yes, some alpacas have been here that long!).

With an increasingly black herd it is getting hard to tell some of these guys apart but we definitely know their names as well as qualities /personalities and can lead you to the right alpaca for your program. We believe in integrity in all our our actions, and generosity in our interactions. With our alpaca sales you will receive honest information, backed by our comprehensive knowledge!

We have the ability to guide you with our first-hand understanding of alpaca care, fiber processing and artisan production (spinning, dyeing, weaving, crocheting, knitting, felting), breeding/birthing, and showing. We love the camaraderie and friendly competition of showing. The most anticipated event is the birthing season, when we see nature's beauty in the fantastic progeny based on our breeding decisions! The quiet, enduring pleasure of working with fiber to create wonderful yarn and unique designs offers special validation of our farm production! A sale by us is the start of a relationship not the end of one.