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Little farm values in big farm winnings!

Looking for demonstrated excellence across a breeding program, lasting fineness, quality genetics -- talk to us. Our alpacas are winning in halter and fleece! We offer champion bloodlines in show-winning foundation breeding animals and their spectacular fiber! With our alpaca sales you will receive honest service, backed by our comprehensive knowledge! We have the ability to guide you with our first-hand understanding of alpaca care, fiber processing and artisan production (spinning, dyeing, weaving, crocheting, knitting, felting), breeding/birthing, and showing. We love the camaraderie and friendly competition of showing. The most anticipated event is the birthing season, when we see nature's beauty in the fantastic progeny based on our breeding decisions! The quiet, enduring pleasure of working with fiber to create wonderful yarn and unique designs offers special validation of our farm production!

We love raising alpacas and any direction you take we can help you, as we have built our farm "by our bootstraps" up from the ground. Our family-farm values and our hard-earned experience from trials & triumphs to strengthen our breeding program. Directly caring for and managing our herd, being directly responsible for the well-being of each alpaca on our farm, means that we can identify by face, name, & personality! We can lead you to the right alpaca for your program. We have developed our herd to a caliber that proudly competes with large operations that have invested much more capital in their business purchases. We truly understand a developing farm's needs and concerns in starting and growing their alpaca herd.

Winning in Fleece & Halter in All Colors!!

** 2017 Vintage Cup Winner - AOA National Fleece Show! **
** 2016 Classic Cup Winner - AOA National Fleece Show! **

2018 & 2019Grey Male Fleece Color Champion
2018 Black Male Halter Color Champion
2018 Black Male Fleece Reserve Champion
2017 Black Male Fleece Color Champion
2017 Invited Halter Color Champion
2016 Black Male Fleece Color Champion
2017 Black Male Halter Color Champion
2017 Black Male Fleece Reserve Champion
2017 Black Female Fleece Color Champion
2016 Black Female Fleece RC
2016 Grey Male Fleece Color Champion

STRADIVARIUS: 2018 CC @ TXOLAN Halter & Walking Fleece, MOPACA Halter, VAOBA Fleece; RC @ MOPACA Walking Fleece, Futurity, GWAS Halter. 2017 CC @ TXOLAN Halter & Fleece, MOPACA Halter, GWAS Halter, MAPACA Jubilee Fleece, ABR Fall Festival Fleece, A-OK Blastoff Halter. 2016 CC @ The Futurity & A-OK Blastoff; RC @ American Alpaca Showcase.

SUPERLUMINAL: 2018 White CC @ TXOLAN Walking Fleece

TRUTHSAYER: 2018 CC @ TXOLAN Fleece, SAC Fleece, MOPACA Walking Fleece, GWAS Walking Fleece. RC @ ABR Fall Festival Halter, VAOBA Fleece

FRESCA: 2018 Light RC @ TXOLAN Walking Fleece, ABR Fall Festival Fleece, VAOBA Fleece.

MAELSTROM: 2017 CC @ MOPACA Fleece, ABR Fall Festival Halter; RC @ TXOLAN Halter & Fleece. 2016 CC @ GWAS & MOPACA; RC @ ABR Fall Festival & TXOLAN

DANICA: 2017 White CC @ TXOLAN Halter.

DAUNTLESS: 2017 RC @ TXOLAN Halter; 2016 CC/RC @ ABR Fall Festival, GWAS, TXOLAN, American Alpaca Showcase.

FREESTYLIN: 2017 Multi RC @ ABR Fall Festival Fleece.

SMOKEJUMPER: 2018 Brown CC @ TXOLAN Halter, ABR Fall Festival Fleece, VAOBA Fleece; Spirit of the Industry and Judges Choice @ VAOBA Fleece. 2017 Brown CC @ AOK Blastoff Fleece; Spirit of the Industry and Best Prepare

Note: specific listings details supersede general information. Depending on the costs, usually can finance at 12 month 0% interest available at 25-30% down. Other financing can be possible depending on situations/purchase. Included is 30 days free board from contract, afterwards agisting is possible at $4/day. Transportation and associated costs are the buyers responsibility. At payoff, the AOA 'breeder' certificate transfer will be allowed, at our cost for alpacas priced above 1000. For proven dams/sires and alpacas under $1500, no breeding warranties will be extended. Live cria guarantee provided to 30 days -- as long as Autumn Sun Alpacas has available, wholly owned and unrestricted herdsires -- as specified in the contract signed.