Autumn Sun Alpacas at Autumn Sun Acres

Integrity & Quality - Keys to Our Success!

No Doubt...

I find myself thinking occasionally thinking would I do this over again, and the answer is yes. It's not any get rich quick scheme, if anything it is a lot of work to raise alpacas. Running a farm takes dedication! There is inherent worth in raising these animals. Whether you are 'in it' for the fiber or for the show, that's a legitimate reason to raise alpacas (or any other livestock). Whether you think the prices are going to go up again, stay the same, or even drop further, there is an intrinsic worth in each animal. The prices are based on our desire as well as their function and worth against that criteria. Have you searched on the web for the higher priced seedstock bull, or racehorse, or rooster sold? Try it sometime and you will be surprised. How about the price of a bottle of wine, a painting, a night at a 5 star hotel, those first few Ipads or Prius... the list goes on and on.

We own alpacas because we want to! They are easy to care for livestock, have great personalities and produce a fiber that is unique and worthy of special interest. Also, showing is great fun, and nothing beats getting that coveted ribbon. It lets you get out there to mingle with others of the alpaca community, and is a great way to get your name out there.

So, the same reasons for our start in the alpaca industry still apply today: want to raise livestock and want to show/spin. Are these animals a good investment - sure, with the appropriate care and reasonable expectations. Is this a good time to get in the business -- absolutely, especially with those farms not able or not willing to ranch anymore getting out on a dime. Is this a get rich quick business -- most definitely no, and certainly not when there are alpacas that rely on you to care for them, whether you are 'getting you money out of them' or not. There is plenty of opportunity for quality alpacas, a great farm/ranch business, and fiber production for all serious people.

Have thoughts are questions? Just ask us, and we will strive to answer any and all questions. First question... would I do it again -- absolutely!