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Resolution is to Streamline

My 2011 New Year's Resolution is to Streamline My Online Efforts -- for more time, better & more regular 'output' and overall improved customer satisfaction.... Here is my first OP blog post...

Well, that was a bit verbose but it bears repeating.... Simply put, "Time is Money." My time is worth something. More importantly, when I fail to do what I want to and more importantly, what I need to -- then my farm's marketing plans can suffer.

So, I am attempting to streamline my efforts to no more than 3 locations. With our own website, several alpaca 'marketplaces' available online and more popping up every day, blogs, Facebook, emails, classifieds... it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Spreading out too much just leads to little impact over a large area.

So, this is my 'test' of the newly released Openherd blog page..... Is it worthy to replace my other blogsite? Will it be "The One" to allow me to turn my back on Blogspot, Livestock Grower, Local Harvest, Facebook (this I doubt), etc.

If you see this and like it, or don't and disagree with consolidation... leave a comment or a message to let me know!

Thanks -- Mary