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Spinning Group

It's good to have support...

Friends, Family, Colleagues, etc.

This is the part of the 'alpaca community' that is so appealing. You can find farms that will always give you a helping hand, a piece of advice, and collaboration.

But don't stop there! Are you just learning about fiber? Been a crafter or artisan for a while but still learning? Familiar with wool but not alpaca fiber or vice versus? Then, join a support group!

Check in your city's craft shops, online classified ads, and with fellow farms/friends for a support group -- for spinning, and/or a weaving group, and/or a felting group, and/or a dyeing group! If there isn't one, start one!

There are also online chat/support groups that are great fun, easy companionship, lots of free information. Check out Ravelry, Craftsy, CrochetSpot and the blogs/community groups in associated sites on Etsy, Artfire, Interweave, Knitty, etc.

Take a spin, live to dye, throw and hook with abandon!

Enjoy, learn well, live long and prosper.