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2014-2015 Show Circuit Results

2015 Great Western Alpaca Show (GWAS), Level 5

GWAS 2015 is done! Brought 16 alpacas, 13 of which were bred and born on our farm, and we are coming home with 19 ribbons - 2 purple, 6 blue, 2 red, 6 white, and 3 below 3rd. Not bad considering the size of the classes and the awesome competition, and all of ours worked hard to earn their ribbon!  Should mention that two of those ribbons were for Produce of Dam (2nd for dark POD and 3rd for light POD). And we helped the fantastic stud Bea 2 Bomber take 5th in Get of Sire among 13 (huge class with 39 alpacas standing out there!) entrants using our grey boy Dauntless along with a grey and brown half sister. Amazing.



AutumnSun's Dauntless - 1st Place & Color Champion grey!  As a juvenile this is an exceptional win, especially with the competition presented across the yearling and adult age classes.  This son of the notable multiple champion herdsire Annual's Bea 2 Bomber has guaranteed place in our herdsire row.

AutumnSun's Mimeo - 5th place win in a class of 7 in the juvenile bay black females, which was not too surprising considering her matching grey spots on both sides of her legs. When the judge looked hard there, we kind of hoping she would bump her into indefinite. Mimeo has a very shiny, soft, rolling crimp fiber type that feels nice to the hand and is a breeze to spin up. As the daughter of our Masterpiece, she has the genetics to fit well into a grey program.


AutumnSun's Puzzle - 1st Place Yearling Dark Bred & Owned.  Daughter of 13x champion Snowmass Belvedere, she earned praise for her balance/proportions and conformation, fineness and consistency of fineness throughout, as well as her fine crimp across her blanket.

AutumnSun's Man In Armour - 6th Place Juvenile Light Bred & Owned.  Our Rembrandt boy, AutumnSun's Man in Armour, was able to stay in the ring for his 6th place win among 8 very nice white and light fawn juveniles in the B&O class. With his tangled and somewhat cotted tui tips we were pleased. The judge commented that he was the youngest in the class and was a pleasure to look at with his soft handle and fineness. We hesitated in bringing him due to to the condition of his cria fleece but believed he would shine through at this skin. We know he will do even better next year after he is shorn of his cria tips.


AutumnSun's Freestylin - 1st Place Juvenile Mixed Multi female. Our littlest alpaca in our show string for 2015 GWAS was just 6 months. We were hesitant to bring her yet to show but she has such wonderful fleece we decided to try. She did wonderfully, showing good independence and presence to let her fleece shine through to secure the first place position. Not bad considering that days before she was a wet mop due to the rains bedraggling her tui tips!

Sparkling Frost (suri) - 1st Place previously shorn Yearling White females. The judge commented: "nicely balanced and proportioned and tracked true when walking", "beautiful luster all the way through", "eyecatching", "locking coming back well after shorn".


AutumnSun's Navy Rumble - 4th Place Juvenile MF females. Daughter of Sunset Hills Golden Thunder, she placed a respectable 4th in a competitive class of 8 at the 2015 GWAS juvenile MF females. The judge praised her for her nice proportions, "beautiful uniformity of fineness", "nice, low micron", and "beautiful, beautiful uniformity."

AutumnSun's Smokejumper - 3rd Place Yearling MB males. The son of our champion rose grey dam AutumnSun's Frosted Red Rose by Patagonia's Lennox and maternal half-brother of our juvenile grey color champion Dauntless, this male has fantastic fiber. He placed below a Snowmass Matrix Majesty son and above a son of Crescent Moon's Simtustus and a son of Aussie .38 Special... so he was in good standing!


AutumnSun's Glacial Melt - 3rd Place Juvenile MF males. AutumnSun's Glacial Melt did well in a class of 12 juvenile medium fawn males at the 2015 GWAS, securing 3rd among the fantastic Amber Autumn & Liberty alpacas both above and below him in placing. The judge commented that all 6 placing were the "cream of the crop" and appreciated his fineness, brightness, and handle.


AutumnSun's Cabrinet Sauvignon - 1st Place 2-yr-old DB Female -- still showing of her great relocking, color, and luster!

AutumnSun's Major General - 1st and Reserve Champion Mixed Multi males. At the 2015 GWAS, AutumnSun's Major General won Reserve Champion in Combined Multi class behind an essentially white (with the prerequisite 6" colored spot) Motivator son. This is his second Reserve Champion in a challenging show history (showing as a MB, DI, Grey, and Appy), with the first being at Futurity!


AutumnSun's Provenance - 3rd Place in 2-yr-old LF female. Our Golden Legend daughter AutumnSun's Provenance took 3rd place at the 2015 GWAS, behind a Snowmass Matrix granddaughter and a Running Late granddaughter.

AutumnSun's Supermassive - 3rd Place in 2-yr-old LF Males. Autumnsun's Supermassive with his hard-earned 3rd place at the 2015 GWAS behind an Accoyo America Polaris son and an Eclipse Alyst son. The second place was the Color champion at the 2014 GWAS, with Super following with the Reserve.

AutumnSun's Moonlit Melody -3rd Place

Lazlo of PVA - 2nd Place

AutummSun's Sweet Patriotic Song - 3rd Light Produce of Dam - We were happy to take home 3rd in Light Produce of Dam for our AutumnSun's Sweet Patriotic Song, showing her offspring (WH) AutumnSun's Moonlight Melody and (LF) AutumnSun's Supermassive. Not only was there great competition but these two are actually a bit different in crimp style, though individually they both have excellent fiber qualities.


AutumnSun's Frosted Red Rose - 2nd Dark Produce of Dam - Imagine our surprise when we secured 2nd place of 9 entrants for Dark Produce of Dam at the 2015 GWAS for our rose grey dam AutumnSun's Frosted Red Rose, showing her rose grey juvenile AutumnSun's Dauntless and medium brown yearling AutumnSun's Smokejumper.

We also were honored to participate with Dauntless in the Get of Sire production class representing Annual's Bea 2 Bomber, alongside Tres Amigos' two Bomber girls, another rose grey juvenile and an adult medium brown.  Below is a picture with the 2015 GWAS grey Color Champions -- our grey male AutumnSun's Dauntless and Tres Amigos Ranch Alpacas grey girl Bomber's Avery (two of those used in the G.O.S.) -- and Susan Mikulecky of Alpaca Annuals holding our banners. Thank you to Susan & Scott Mikulecky of Alpaca Annuals, Marit Federcell of Las Flores del Altiplano Alpacas, and Nancy Lake and Beth and Jeff Hull of Grey Alpaca Company for making an awesome herdsire like Annual's Bea-2 Bomber available to us!


2015 National AOA show

AutumnSun's Dauntless - 1st Place Juvenile Grey in a strong class!

AutumnSun's Navy Rumble - 4th place Juvenile MF female -- very competitive class!


AutumnSun's Major General - 1st Place Multi 2-yr-old male


2015 Futurity Show and Sale

AutumnSun's Dauntless - 1st Place Juvenile Rose Grey -- very good competition at this show!



2015 TXOLAN Spectacular

Roses are red and blue from our Valentine's Day showing at the 2015 TxOLAN Spectacular... We took 12 huacaya and suri alpacas and all took a ribbon, with 6 blue and 3 red included! The fantastic thing is that all but one was bred and born on our farm!  We love it when a plan comes together ;) !

Saturday, May 30, 2015