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Why Put Off Treating Yourself to a Little Luxury and a Lot of Fun!

You deserve warmth and softness! You deserve exciting colors and textures! You deserve to wrap yourself in that scarf you always wanted, or to indulge your creative side in a night of carding or spinning or crafting!

About Our Store

Quality Fiber Products and Exceptional Service

The shop is temporarily closed. As available, yarn is supplied to Ewe and Me in Colorado Springs, CO.

Autumn Sun Alpacas is already recognized in the alpaca show arena for their quality show animals. While we dedicate much of our energy to showing and breeding / raising these exceptional show / fiber alpacas, we enjoy working with their lovely fiber too!

We are fully immersed in the fiber arts and crafting -- from washing to carding, dyeing and spinning, felting and weaving, crochet and knitting (well, the knitting and weaving are new 'loves' for us, but we are committed). We understand our fiber from shearing to end product! That's not something a lot of fiber and crafts providers can say!

We are not ones to disdain fiber blends and appreciate the beauty of wool, silk, mohair, angora, and even some plant products -- singularly for their own qualities and blended with alpaca for those perfect symphonies of fiber, textures, and color!

You may find raw, rovings, dyed fiber and rovings, carded blended batts, art batts, yarn 'add-ins', kits, yarn, and finished products for sale at any given time! Check back periodically and also see our farm store at for special listings.

Not able to forsake our old loves, we still offer bead creations, paper and silk fusion crafts, sometimes sewn items (especially renewed or reborn items), and even picture / graphics designs. And, we also craft balanced,elegant spindles, with turned accents and unique woods such as Aspen wood! We often sell these items as they are finished or as custom order work, so they don't make it to our websites (sorry!). Please fell free to just ask if you are interested in designing something or in something you saw.

.... so many things to love to create, so little time!