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Why Own Alpacas?

Why not?? The'rrrre grrrreat!!! If you like animals or wool....

Alpacas care is simple: good grass hay, water, sunlight, and regular health maintenance. Good fencing is a must to protect against predators, but otherwise shelter minimal depending on your climate. With their mild disposition, only exterior fences need to be 5’ high &/or guarded by electric wire. Alpacas, originating in the mountains of South America, are proficient at obtaining proper nourishment from only ~2% of their body weight. Consequently, up to 5 alpacas can graze on one acre of good pasture. With their padded feet, one row of teeth, and grazing methods, alpacas are relatively non-destructive to fields. Also, alpacas, instilled with a hardy constitution and stoic disposition, do not need much care beyond the basic care: regular vaccinations, good food and shelter, occasional nail and teeth trimming, and an annual shearing of their fiber.

The profit in alpacas is greater than with other livestock on average. Though the start up price may seem prohibitive, the expected selling price can be considerable and will quickly offset the initial costs. In the United States, alpaca owners register their alpacas in the Alpaca Registry (ARI), to documents alpaca lineage and breeding history. An ARI certificate cannot be issued unless the cria is from registered parents and is required for all shows and by most other farms for stud service and alpaca buying/selling. This helps to maintain a solid market and promotes the overall health of the U.S. alpaca breeding / fiber industries and helps farms research prospective alpacas’ bloodlines. This protects the integrity of the U.S. bloodlines, marketing promise, and business growth for existing and new breeders with the goal of a national alpaca fiber industry.

Updated October 14, 2011