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Very friendly - 'doggy' that follows us!

Hennessy's Cognac

ARI# 1319156   D.O.B. 6/15/2005

Huacaya, Male, Non-Breeder | White, Medium Brown

1/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, 1/2 Chilean
Sire: HRAZ Seneca   | BB 
Dam: Somora | ARI# 823993  | White |

Sold! Hennessy is going to a great home where he will get all kinds of attention. We are so pleased as we know he will be happy.


Hennessy is truly a great pet, fiber producer, and public-relations male!

Do you know how people say alpacas are a lot like cats? They like to greet you but on their terms and if you try to hug and kiss, they're gone. Well, Hennessy is our 'dog' (a big dog!)! He actually often comes when called, he is always tagging along while you work, often putting his head in the way to see what you are doing. He loves to be petted and scratched.

His fleece is a beautiful rich mahogany brown.

This boy makes chores fun, is a great PR animal, and loves people / kids. Since he has been like 'our dog', we want to make sure that he goes to a "permanent home" rather than just a quick turn, so please be earnest in your desire to own a loving, joyful companion with some fiber production. We will want to make sure that Hennessy goes to a good home, so we may ask you 'placement' questions :).

Hennessy is gelded. Alpacas are more than a pet, they are a way of life! Enjoy the fiber they produce as well as their personalities. If you are interested in alpacas and their fiber let us know, as we would be happy to help you get started!

This price is for cash. Transportation/CVI and any certificate (optional) transfer costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Immediate transport required.

Updated 5/10/2015