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@ 8 mos

6 months old

Independent and Friendly

AutumnSun's G.O.

ARI# 31990813   D.O.B. 9/5/2009

Huacaya, Male, Unproven | Beige, Light Fawn

5/8 Peruvian, 3/8 Chilean
Sire: Spanish Peaks Victorian Gold | ARI# 1426816  | Medium Brown 
Dam: Reference only: My Sweet Tiramisu  | ARI# 1025286  | White 

G.O. is a "golden opportunity' if you are interested in a great fiber male. His fiber is a bright, beige-white color with excellent staple, soft handle, and shine to it. His fiber is the perfect color for blending with darker colors for a nice heather that is not starkly different, and will overdye still for a bright color.

He has a good crimp at about 5-6 per inch and is above average in density. He puts out quite a bit of fiber! G.O. is an easy-going male that gets along great with weanlings, even in his adult age. He gets along well with other males, not fighting or getting picked on either. He is easy going and easy care.

Medical Note:
He was injured when a few weeks old, when he was accidentally rolled over by another alpaca. A few days later, though his bruises healed and he had no lasting injury to his body, his left eye clouded over. After seeing an veterinary opthamologist and having his eye ultrasounded, we found out the good and bad news. Good news, he has no congenital defects in his eyes. Bad news, the trauma had caused his retina to detach and he is blind in this left eye. Otherwise physically well, he walks and interacts normally -- not jumpy or skittish/shy in nature. Many never know that he cannot see out of his left eye from his behavior and movements. He is a sweet boy, easy to keep!

Congratulations to Tammy and Steven Smith!

This price is for cash. Transportation/CVI and any certificate (optional) transfer costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Immediate transport required. No breeding warranties will be extended, though he is not gelded and certificate transfer will not prohibit breeding.

Updated 12/13/2015